6 Free Running Apps to Keep You Moving and Motivated

Whether they're motivating you, keeping you from getting lost, or just entertaining you while you log miles, some apps can boost your runs. Here's a roundup of a few of our latest favorites.

The app: Strava Run

What it does: Uses GPS to track and record your runs, including distance, pace, elevation gains and calories burned.

Why it's cool: See where you stack up on the leaderboard by joining community-wide 10K, half marathon and total distance challenges (most are updated monthly), give your friends and followers kudos for killer runs, and set personal bests on your regularly-visited routes.

Get it: Available for iPhones and Androids; free.

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The app: localeikki

What it does: Instantly geo-locates top spots to run (or hike or bike) wherever you travel.

Why it's cool: Developed by Tracy McMillan—wife of famed running coach Greg McMillan—localeikki uses crowd-sourced info to create a database of places to run around the country. Details include everything from photos to running surfaces to the locations of bathrooms along the routes, plus info on nearby training groups and businesses to connect users with the local running community.

Get it: Available for iPhones; free.

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The app: WaterLogged

What it does: Tracks your water intake throughout the day so you'll never show up to a race (or workout) dehydrated again.

Why it's cool: Each time you take a drink, tap on the app and "fill" a photo of a glass based on your daily goal. Or, upload a pic of your favorite H20 bottle, enter its volume, and fill 'er up. The super-easy-to-operate app will also ping you with a reminder when it's time to take a drink, plus it's Fitbit integrated.

Get it: Available for iPhones; free.

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The app: Runtastic Story Running

What it does: Offers a library of downloadable audio stories written specifically for runners.

Why it's cool: Be bored on the run no more! Choose from four genres (adventure, fantasy, motivation and travel), hit play, and run to these 45-minute stories written with a narrative that follows the arc of interval trainings. Sound effects and background music also matches the pace of the story, encouraging you to speed up or slow down.

Get it: Available for iPhones and Androids; free.

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The app: BeatRun

What it does: Matches your favorite songs to your pace by taking music already on your iPod or iPhone and syncing it with your BPM (beats per minute).

Why it's cool: No set up required—BeatRun automatically adjusts the tempo of songs in your library to match your speed, and you can freeze or change up BPMs at any time. Use it outside or on the treadmill; the app also tracks your time, distance and pace.

Get it: Available for iPhones; free.

The app: CharityMiles

What it does: Raises money for a charity of your choice with each mile you run.

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Why it's cool: Fundraising has never been so simple: Select a participating charity (the list includes the ASPCA, Autism Speaks, World Food Programme, Stand Up to Cancer, Wounded Warrior Project and more), head out for your run, and earn .25 per mile run (bikers gain .10/mile).

Get it: Available for iPhones and Androids; free.

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