5 Health Tips From Personal Trainer Alan Gulledge

3. A Trim Waistline Starts in the Kitchen

Clients often ask Gulledge what it takes to lose fat and tone the stomach area. The answer isn't to simply do more crunches.

Instead, it all starts with the diet.

"80 percent of the work is done in the kitchen and 20 percent is done in the gym, not the other way around," Gulledge says. "You can do sit-ups every day and may never see results. Knowing what to eat and when to eat is key to achieving and maintaining a trim waistline."

4. Something is Better Than Nothing

Gulledge suggests finding alternatives when life gets in the way of workout plans, such as a quick bodyweight workout at lunch if you have to cancel your morning workout or simple exercises at home if poor weather ruins your evening run.

"Many clients get discouraged when their workout plans are spoiled by weather or time constraints, and give up on the workout entirely," he says. "Something is always better than nothing."

5. Set Realistic Goals

Gulledge recommends choosing goals wisely in an effort to set yourself up for success, not failure.

For example, if you aren't a runner, setting the goal to run a marathon in next three months probably won't end in success. Setting a goal of completing a 5K and then building up to a marathon within the year is more realistic, and much more obtainable.

"Start by setting smaller, time-bound goals where the probability of achievement is higher," Gulledge says. "Success breeds success. When we reach our incremental goals, we're more likely to continue working toward the monumental ones."


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