30-Day Challenge: Move a Mile a Day

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There are days when working out seems more like a chore. Instead of going through the motions, why not switch up your routine and make it more interesting? One way to boost your motivation is to take on a 30-Day Challenge. This is a great to mix up your regular routine, find motivation, prevent boredom, and test yourself.

Why Take on a 30-Day Challenge?

Studies say it takes 21 to 30 days to break old habits and create new ones. A 30-day challenge allows you to build healthy habits that may stick with you for life. It also helps to prevent boredom from your daily routine.

Are you ready to commit to 30 days? It's time to switch up your routine and gear up for a new challenge. Whether you want to lose weight or run faster, test yourself...move a mile a day.

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30-Day Challenge: Move a Mile a Day

A mile a day may sound easy or it may sound hard. Either way it's a killer challenge. All you have to do is move your body forward for at least 1 mile, every day, for 30 days. You can run, jog, walk, crawl, bike or swim. Just break out of your normal routine and move a mile a day.

Why a Mile a Day?

The primary goal is to create better habits. Real success comes from real change, and that requires a re-patterning of your lifestyle. Lacing up every day will help you learn how to make time for fitness.

For newbies, this is a great place for you to start a new fitness routine and create healthy habits. For veterans, this is a great test to either increase distance or build speed.

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What You Need to Do Before You Start Running

Base Pace

Before you hit the pavement, you need to know your base pace. At the beginning of your 30-day challenge, track how long it takes you to run your first mile. Jot that time down. There's your base time. You don't have to sprint a mile a day, but you should keep track of your pace and improvements throughout the month.

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