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December 19 - 20, 2020

N.P.T Norcal Performance Training Adult Open / NTRP / Family

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Division: NMW(3.0-5.0)s; NMW(3.0-5.0)d; NX(3.0-5.0)d; FS(0)d; FD(0)d; MS(0)d; MD(0)d; HW(Op)d; MW(Op)sd; X(Op)d

The tournament will be played at Lincoln High School in San Jose. (Subject to change)

*** Tournament Desk - Check In ***
Please check in at the tournament desk at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled match time. If you are late, regardless if a court is available, you will be penalized one game for each 5 minutes you are late up to 3 games or fifteen minutes, after which you will be defaulted. Exceptions are at the discretion of the referee

*** Event Draws Information and Match Formats ***

[1] When signing up for a doubles event, you MUST identify your doubles partner (be sure that this person has entered the tournament) by using this person's USTA #.

[2] All Singles Events: Format will be Best of 3 Tie-Break Sets with a Match Tie-break (10 points) in lieu of a third set.
* In each event, a mandatory playoff match will determine the 3rd and 4th places. (subject to change)

[3] All Doubles Events: Format will be Best of 3 Tie-Break Sets with a Match Tie-break (10 points) in lieu of a third set.

[4] All Events: Regular scoring will be used.

[5] Be on time for your matches: Check-in at the tournament desk (at your specific site) 15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled match times and be ready to play. Penalties for lateness will be enforced.

*** Contact the Referee for any Issue or Concern ***
For any questions about the tournament, please contact the referee by email.NO TEXTING PLEASE!!!

*** Important Parking Information ***
Parking is Available for Free.
Please know that there is sometimes a large event in the nearby swimming pool. Please expect the parking lot to be in much use so allocate some time so find adequate parking and to not be late for your matches.

*** Tournament Site ***

Address: 555 Dana Ave, San Jose, CA 95126
Tennis Courts are along Wabash Ave (171 Wabash Ave). Either you park in the school or on the street, please find time to get to the check in desk located next to the courts. Courts are located street side next to the Football field.

***Alternate Site***
Address: 1290 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95118
When you make a turn on Ayrshire drive into the school, the tennis courts are located far back to your right next to the soccer field.

*** How to Find your Match Date/Time & Location **** The following instructions are to be used after the posting of the draws on Wednesday Morning
On the right of the 'Important Information' button there is a new 'draws' button.Click on it and select the event that a player is registered to.On the left of each draw, find the player's name and follow the line to the right.That will show you the first match, with a date/time and the abbreviated site name (e.g. PHS is Pioneer High School and LHS is Lincoln High School)Come 15 minutes before your scheduled match time.After your match, report your match result (win or lose) and ask for your next match time.

*** Important Registration Information and Possible Limits in Draw Sizes ***
[1] When registering to the tournament, please make sure to provide your contact information (phone #s and email address) as we would otherwise be unable to reach you when needed (registration issues, schedule changes, withdraws, weather issues, ...).
[2] Doubles pairings: No later than the end of the Monday prior to the Saturday start date of the tournament, any doubles players that have not previously entered as a team should advise the referee of the partnership.Both players need to be already registered for doubles. New doubles registrations will only be accepted at the tournament discretion.Players without a partner will then be paired up, as much as possible. It is your responsibility to check the web site (Competitors list and draws) to learn about your doubles participation.
[3] Please register at the same level for singles and doubles!!!==> Players in violation of this requirement will not be accepted in that incorrect doubles event!!![4] The tournament reserves the right to limit the size of each of the draws/events to accommodate the number of courts available.

*** Concurrent Tournament Rule ***
When entries close, a player shall not be entered in two or more sanctioned tournaments if any parts of the tournaments overlap, unless each Tournament Committee involved understands the situation and concurs in writing. If entries for the overlapping tournaments close on different dates, approval must be received from all Tournament Committees no later than the entry closing date that occurs last. Players who enter a tournament and play it to completion, may then enter another tournament with overlapping dates without permission. A player who is on the alternate list in one tournament is not considered in violation of the Concurrent Tournament Rule if they enter another concurrent tournament.Players who violate the Concurrent Tournament Rule shall forfeit all ranking points earned at the concurrent tournaments.

*** Check Your Draw Closely for your Site (for Each Match) ***

All draws are subject to change. Please recheck draws for changes in time and or withdrawals. All changes made within 24 hrs of tournament start will be phoned to the affected parties.Make sure to have all contact info with the USTA. Doubles times may change if you were scheduled to play a team with only one player. Remember that both players on a team must sign up for doubles before the deadline.

*** Contact the Referee for Registration Issues, Withdraws, ... ***
[1] Until the closing of the registrations, you can withdraw yourself online with your confirmation number.
[2] After closing of registration, and until the posting of the draws, please submit any withdrawal in writing first by emailing BOTH the Tournament Director (TD) and the Referee, and then also CALL the TD (email addresses and phone numbers above).
[3] After the posting of the draws, please FIRST CALL the TD and then email BOTH the Tournament Director and the Referee.Withdraws are sometimes necessary, and are only excused if they are for illness, injury, or emergency. Withdrawals made before entries close can be handled by the player by the 'edit Registration' on the tournament web site and withdrawing your entry..... Your credit card will not be charged.Withdrawals at least 7 days before play starts are eligible for a refund. That refund will be processed about a week or two after play is complete. If you must withdraw after entries close, immediately contact the tournament referee by email for more info.
USTA - Father-Daughter Doubles; Father-Son Doubles; Husband-Wife Doubles; Men's Open Doubles; Men's Open Singles; Mixed Open Doubles; Mother-Daughter Doubles; Mother-Son Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Men's 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Men's 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 4.0 Singles; NTRP Men's 4.5 Doubles; NTRP Men's 4.5 Singles; NTRP Men's 5.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 5.0 Singles; NTRP Mixed 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 4.5 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 5.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Women's 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Women's 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 4.0 Singles; NTRP Women's 4.5 Doubles; NTRP Women's 4.5 Singles; NTRP Women's 5.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 5.0 Singles; Women's Open Doubles; Women's Open Singles
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