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September 18 - 20, 2020

Harold Smith Classic- (STA 75 PT) - SC L4

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Division: CM(6.0,7.0,8.0)d,FMLC; CW(5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0)d,FMLC; NM(Op,3.0-4.0)s,FMLC; NW(Op,2.5-4.0)s,FMLC; NX(Op,2.5-4.0)d,FMLC; S50NMW(3.0-4.0)d,FMLC


Join us for our super fun “Harold Smith Classic” Adult Tennis Tournament.

All players should wear all white tennis clothes.

Mr. Smith is a big fan of “Classic Old School Tennis”, so the theme of the tournament is the dress code of “all white tennis clothes”. You could take it to the next level by going retro, serving and volleying or even pulling out our favorite “old racket.”

Harold Smith is a pioneer in the peaceful integration of tennis courts in the City of Charleston. We hold the tournament to honor the big hearted commitment and sacrifice Mr. Smith makes for coaching tennis, helping others, and the lasting impact on improving our community relationships. Come join the party with trophies and T-Shirts and Saturday lunch.

Scoring format:
18 and over scoring will be best of 3 sets with a 10 point tie breaker for the third set.

Senior 50 and over doubles will be one 8 game pro set with a 10 point tiebreaker. the scoring change is based on playing several matches on hard court. USTA - NTRP Combined Men's 6.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Men's 7.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Men's 8.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Women's 5.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Women's 6.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Women's 7.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Women's 8.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Men's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Men's 4.0 Singles; NTRP Men's Open Singles; NTRP Mixed 2.5 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Mixed Open Doubles; NTRP Women's 2.5 Singles; NTRP Women's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Women's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Women's 4.0 Singles; NTRP Women's Open Singles; Senior 50 NTRP Men's 3.0 Doubles; Senior 50 NTRP Men's 3.5 Doubles; Senior 50 NTRP Men's 4.0 Doubles; Senior 50 NTRP Women's 3.0 Doubles; Senior 50 NTRP Women's 3.5 Doubles; Senior 50 NTRP Women's 4.0 Doubles


September 18 - 20, 2020

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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