September 18 - 20, 2020

Franklyn Scott Fall Classic

September 18 - 20, 2020
This event has ended

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About this event

September 18 - 20, 2020
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Division: Entry Level: M(Op,40,50-60,70)s,SE; W(Op)s,SE; M(Op,40,50-70)d,SE; W(Op,40,60-65)d,SE; X(Op,60)d,SE; NM(3.0-4.5)sd,SE; NW(3.0-4.0)sd,SE; NX(3.0-4.0)d,SE; Combo MX(6.0,7.0-8.0)d,SE

Notes:All Players must be ATA or USTA members.

Entry to this tournament is open to all ATA or USTA members. Entries must be submitted by Monday, September 9, 2018 11:59:00 PM Eastern Time. Only USTA members can register online if available.
USTA - Men's 40 Doubles; Men's 40 Singles; Men's 50 Doubles; Men's 50 Singles; Men's 55 Doubles; Men's 55 Singles; Men's 60 Doubles; Men's 60 Singles; Men's 65 Doubles; Men's 70 Doubles; Men's 70 Singles; Men's Open Doubles; Men's Open Singles; Mixed 60 Doubles; Mixed Open Doubles; NTRP Combined Mixed 6.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Mixed 7.0 Doubles; NTRP Combined Mixed 7.5 Doubles; NTRP Combined Mixed 8.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Men's 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Men's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Men's 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Men's 4.0 Singles; NTRP Men's 4.5 Doubles; NTRP Men's 4.5 Singles; NTRP Mixed 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Mixed 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.0 Singles; NTRP Women's 3.5 Doubles; NTRP Women's 3.5 Singles; NTRP Women's 4.0 Doubles; NTRP Women's 4.0 Singles; Women's 40 Doubles; Women's 60 Doubles; Women's 65 Doubles; Women's Open Doubles; Women's Open Singles

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