Active Cycling Book Club

Active Cycling Book Club

By Ryan Wood

Looking for a great read to aid your passion of cycling? From how-to books to entertaining narratives to insightful autobiographies, here a few of's favorite books:

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Training Plan for Cyclists

Training Plan for Cyclists

By Gale Bernhardt

Bernhardt gives comprehensive coaching to any cyclist looking to complete events of any level. Bernhardt touches on every aspect, from nutrition to stretching to training plans and more.

Bike Maintenance

The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

By Todd Downs

Consider this the encyclopedia of bike repair. This 416-page book details common and not-so-common bike issues and how to fix them. It features 450 photographs and 40 drawings.

Lance Armstrong Book

It's Not About the Bike

By Lance Armstrong

The most famous cyclist in the world details the early stages of his career, from his rise in the sport to his cancer battle to his return to the top. It's an inspirational look at one of the great athletes of our time.

The Rider

By Tim Krabbe

This first-person classic of a French amateur cyclist follows the writer's 137-kilometer Tour de Mont Aigoual, and the self-reflective thoughts that churn through his head as he tackles the course.

Long-Distance Cycling

The Complete Book on Long-Distance Cycling

By Edmund R. Burke

This book is a complete guide for those looking to ride in century rides—or further. All facets of long-distance biking are covered here, from training schedules to race strategy.

Ride Your Way Lean

Ride Your Way Lean

By Selene Yeager

This book gives a detailed plan to lose weight by eating right and riding your bike. It's an excellent book for beginners who are turning to cycling to reach fitness and weight-loss goals.

Dog in a Hat

A Dog in a Hat

By Joe Parkin

Parkin documents his amazing story of transitioning from an amateur in California to navigating the wild world of professional bike racing in Europe. It's an authentic look inside the life of a pro cyclist.

women cycling

Bicycling for Women

By Gale Bernhardt

Bernhardt gives females the ultimate guide: a comprehensive book that covers details such as training plans, bike gear, injury prevention, and issues that are female-specific.

Distance Cycling

Distance Cycling

By John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach

This book covers the six essential factors for success in cycling as applied to riding a century or double-metric, and also covers ramping up to an ultra event like double centuries and bike tours.

No Drop Zone

The No-Drop Zone

By Patrick Brady

The noted cycling blogger covers all aspects of road biking for beginners, from gear, group riding, organized events, etiquette and more.

Power Meter

Training and Racing With a Power Meter

By Hunter Allen

Power meters are an essential training tool, but they're often not fully understood. This book helps interpret the numbers and turns your weaknesses into strengths based on power-meter feedback.

Hell on Two Wheels

Hell on Two Wheels

By Amy Snyder

Perhaps the most brutal race in the world, the Race Across America is documented here by a writer embedded with a team. This book gives an excellent look at just how—and why—these cyclists suffer through 3,000 miles in 12 days.

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