Why Balance is Important in 1-on-1 Play

Players should integrate their one-on-one play with team play. For example, in frontcourt play, when a player initiates a pass to a teammate (a team play option), he/she should also be ready to drive or shoot (one-on-one play options), and when driving, ready to pass or shoot.

It is easier to play defense against players without such balance. When opponents who are guarding players off the ball know that the player who is driving is unlikely to pass, one defender, at least, is then free to leave his/her check to help stop the drive.

Conversely, I have seen many players drive to the paint with the sole intention of attracting the defense and then passing to an open teammate. They drive, leave their feet when they enter the paint, and look to pass. In these situations, I am amazed how often a defensive player bites and comes to help.

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