What Caused Derrick Rose's ACL Injury?

The headline of the first week of the playoffs was Derrick Rose's unfortunate ACL injury. It was a devastating loss for DRose, for the Bulls, and for the league. I have had the chance to meet him on several occasions and have always respected his work ethic and humility. He plays basketball for the love of the game, not for the money or celebrity.

There has been a ton of speculation as to what caused his injury. In my opinion, it was a culmination of three primary factors:

Previous Injuries

The body functions as a single unit and everything is coordinated and interrelated. Problems with ankles and hips cause increased stress on the knees. Something as simple as a slight ankle tweak can reverberate all the way up the body's chain. Injuries that aren't completely recovered are usually the biggest culprit in future injuries.


So much has already been said about the effects of the condensed season and the fact these guys have been playing so many games in such a short time span. Even with the highest level of training, medical support, and rest and recovery techniques -- DRose's body has been in a constant state of fatigue since the season started (thus drastically increasing his susceptibility to injury).

Style of Play

DRose is like a NASCAR. He is high octane and does everything at 100 miles an hour. He is arguably the fastest player in the league and he jumps as high as anyone in the game. His body—particularly his joints—take a beating 40 minutes a night, 3 to 4 nights a week for months on end. There is a reason NASCAR drivers have to replace their car after every couple of races and I can drive my modest Toyota Camry for years and years! DRose is a NASCAR, not a Camry. Granted, his style of play is what makes him such a special player and the reigning MVP, but the length of his career will be shortened accordingly.

Regardless, I sincerely wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

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