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Controlling Your Anxiety at the Free Throw Line

By Dr. Dan Czech, Sports Psychologist, Special for Better Basketball

Ever get nervous at the free throw line to the point where it affected your mechanics and consequently the shot? Ever feel that you have no control over the anxiety that you are feeling? Well, this article is a case study in just how stressful shooting free throws can be.

The following is a description of a basketball player who has had performance issues at the free throw line. Although he agreed to let me share his experience with you, I have changed his name and have not disclosed his school affiliation.

'Alex has been playing basketball ever since he can remember. He was the Captain and MVP on his high school varsity team and received a Division I scholarship from a powerhouse school in the southeast. He is now a sophomore in college and, as of this year, starting at the shooting guard spot. He never had any problems at the line until this year. He is still okay at practice but in games--during important times during the game--he feels nervous.'

Is it a Block or is it a Charge?

By Melissa Barlow, NCAA and WNBA Referee, Special for Better Basketball

Block vs. Charge -- the toughest call in basketball and the one that generally gets the most heated reaction from fans. Have it happen at a crucial point in the game and half of the people love you and the other half cant wait to let you have it. What makes this call so controversial?

Youve likely heard or maybe even said, Ref, how can that be a charge if his feet were not set? That phrase is one of the biggest misunderstandings in basketball and should be banished from everyones vocabulary, along with keep your job at Foot Locker.

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