Three Point Shot Drill

How to run the drill:

Have the player start in one corner; make sure he’s behind the three-point line. Pass him the ball; once the player shoots, he moves to the three-point line in the gap (free-throw line extended), and the player underneath rebounds the ball and passes it out to him. The player shoots again, and then moves to the top of key. He gets shots up from all of the five main spots, and then he goes back. Ten shots, one set. Do as many sets as possible, making sure the player’s footwork is correct, and his mechanics are sharp.

DO NOT DO THIS DRILL WITH PLAYERS UNCOMFORTABLE SHOOTING FROM THE THREE POINT LINE. This is especially true with younger players, who often are not yet strong enough to shoot from such a distance. Do not have them do this drill, it would cause them to create bad habits as they try to merely get the ball to the rim. This drill is a great way to get up a lot of shots in a hurry.

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