Three-On-Two Fastbreak Drill

The Three-on-Two Fastbreak Drill

Principles of the Drill: Preferably run with at least nine players, so the drill can have a constant infusion of new players into the mix. Part of the purpose of the drill is to have each player play at every spot in the drill, so he can partake in the drill from various positions.

How to run the Three-on-Two: Begin by placing two players at the other end of the court, one at the top of the key and the other positioned in the paint. Have three players positioned in the near court, the middle player with the ball in his hands, the two players on the wings positioned out beyond the three point line. The player in the middle leads the fast break, the players on each wing running their respective lanes, and they attempt to score, with a maximum of two passes, against the defense. A sense of urgency is key to executing this drill properly; the offensive players cannot take too much time in getting off a shot—hence, the two pass rule—because there will be other defenders coming back into the play during a real game. After the shot goes up, the player who has shot the ball retreats back to defense, and the two players who had just been on defense, now run a two-on-one fastbreak against the retreating shooter the other way. This drill works on perfecting both the transitions between offense and defense, and making good decisions while running a fastbreak. This is a great drill to begin or end a practice with, as it both warms up the players, and acts as a fun way to improve important skills.

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