The Post Player's Ultimate Scoring Guide

The best scorers in the paint have an endless number of moves inside.

Whether it's a layup, a baby hook, a mid-range shot or a drive to the basket from the high post, great inside players have to be versatile in how they attack the basket.

Not sure what all your options are down low? Use this guide to give you a head start. Some of the best minds in basketball have shared their expertise with iHoops on how to best attack the basket from inside the 3-point line. Polish your skills in each of these areas, and you'll soon see that you're a handful for your defender. And that's a great start:

Basketball Scoring Tips and Drills for Post Players

4 Tips for Finishing Around the Basket -- These tips will cut down the chance of a turnover when you're in the high-traffic inside area.

3 Post Moves That Attack the Middle -- Go strong when your back is to the basket with one of these three moves.

The Screen-and-Roll for Post Players -- Learn how to set an effective screen and roll off it to get easy points.

The Jump Hook -- Done correctly, this move is one of the toughest for a defender to block. Get the basics here.

3 Shooting Drills for Around the Rim -- These video tip by the Duke University coaching staff shows several shooting drills post players can use, including the famous Mikan Drill.

3 Face-Up Moves for Post Players -- Step back and face-up with your defender, then try one of these three moves.

How to Pick and Pop -- Once your shooting is strong, use the pick-and-pop to create great scoring opportunities for your team.

How to Execute a Perfect Layup -- Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how a fundamentally sound layup should look.

Video: 2 Drills for Attacking the Basket -- Going strong to the basket gives you the best chance at finishing. Here are two drills that help develop that aggression.

Bob Knight's Shooting Drills for Post Players -- One of college basketball's all-time great coaches shows a few drills he uses to increase his post players' scoring abilities.

How to Dunk a Basketball -- Close to slamming one home? This article could be the difference between "almost" and "boom shakalaka!"

How to Make Sure You Make the Easy Ones -- Make sure you don't miss the bunnies. Here are five tips to make sure those high-percentage layups ALWAYS go down.

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