ShotTracker Basketball Shooting Tool

Do you want to improve your shooting percentage, knock down more long-range shots and take your game to the next level? ShotTracker is a digital basketball-training device that helps you do just that.

The device is equipped with two sensors, one on the player's wrist and another that attaches to the net. ShotTracker syncs with an app that logs shot attempts, makes and misses, so it's easier than ever to work on shooting form and improve accuracy.

The app also has pre-programmed workouts and users can track their stats and see how they rank against their teammates.

ShotTracker can be used in a team practice setting or for individual shooting workouts, and it’s currently available for pre-orders at

Watch the video to see the ShotTracker in action:

ShotTracker - Pre-Order Now from ShotTracker on Vimeo.

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