Shooting Workout

Basic Information:

The Bread-and-Butter to any shooters’ workout. Your are able to maximize the amount of shots you can get up in a given amount of time, while simultaneously improving your cardiovascular stamina and your ability to shoot at a speed similar to a game-type situation.

How to do this drill:

Begin at the right elbow of the free-throw line. Shoot a jump-shot. After releasing the ball, begin a rounded run to the other elbow. Make sure you hit the elbow with your legs bent and your body well-balanced; you do not want to develop bad-habits while doing such a high-paced drill. Make sure your right foot is the first to hit the elbow, followed by your left. THIS IS KEY. Stepping into your jump-shot with your inside foot maximizes both your leg strength and your release-time. Perfect this, for it will be vital to both your improvement and success as a shooter. Continue to move back and forth between the elbows for two minutes. Rest in between each set. Do as many sets as possible. You can do this drill all over the floor; using the baseline and a space roughly ten feet away—where your body is at an angle allowing you to shoot a bank shot. Do this drill on both sides of the court. You can also do this shooting drill, depending on both your strength and skill level, from behind the three-point line. Do not shoot from farther than you are comfortable shooting- your range will improve on its own.

Keys to Effectiveness:

Keeping up a strong pace. You cannot walk through this drill. Shooting while standing still is very ineffective. How many times do you get to stand in place and square yourself up during a game? Never. Practice as close to game speed as possible. As you get into better shape, you will be able to do more sets of this drill at a time.

NBA Players who shoot well on the move: Reggie Miller. Watch his footwork. He always comes off a screen with his inside foot hitting the floor first, which allows himself to catch-and-shoot as quickly as possible.

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