Mastering the Chest Pass

Keys to Effectiveness:

Throwing both the chest pass and the bounce pass are underrated elements of a player’s ability to be a fundamentally sound player. This drill will help you develop these skills; it is also an excellent way to warm-up during an individual workout.

How to Do the Drill:

Stand about fifteen feet from a wall. Step forward with your right foot, snapping your wrists as you throw a chest pass at the wall. Repeat this, only step with your left foot the next time. It is important to be able to step with either foot when throwing a pass. If done correctly, the pass should hit the wall at a height roughly equivalent to the height of your chest. Do this fifty times.

Then proceed to throw fifty bounce passes. If thrown correctly, the ball should hit the floor 2/3’s of the way between you and the person that you are throwing it to—or, in this case, the wall. The same fundamentals apply when throwing a bounce pass as with throwing a chest pass: snap your wrists, step into your pass, and keep your eyes focuses on where you are throwing the ball.

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