Guide to College Recruiting Regulations

NJCAA, NAIA Recruiting Guidelines


  • No institution shall permit an athlete to be solicited to attend by the promise of a gift or inducement other than an athletic grant-in-aid
  • An institution may pay for one visit to its campus by direct route, for a stay not to exceed two days and two nights. The visit must be completed no less than 10 days prior to the opening day of classes
  • While recruiting a potential athlete on campus, a college representative may purchase meals for the athlete. The value of the meals may not exceed the amount provided to a college employee while traveling on college business
  • A college official must authorize all funds utilized for recruitment purposes


  • The NAIA writes in their official prospective student-athlete information as having "a recruitment process that is less cumbersome and with fewer restrictions on the contact between a student-athlete and a coach. And the process of establishing eligibility is streamlined since there is no clearinghouse."

Overall, NAIA recruiting closely mirrors that of NCAA Divsion II. Recruiting, practice, and competition are governed by individual institutions and/or conference. Contact the recruiting school for more information or visit

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