George Marshall Proud of Windy City Roots

George Marshall has been a national prospect since the sixth grade, and he’s played basketball games all over the country for years now.

And though he may be a bit biased, he keeps finding that home is where he’s pushed the hardest.

“I feel like Chicago has the best players in the country,” Marshall said. “Some people would say New York, but I think Chicago has the best players. I’m not just saying that because I’m from Chicago, but I think our best players are better than any other city’s best players.”

The Windy City has a case. For point guards alone, Chicago has produced a few in recent years that are in the NBA—Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Will Bynum of the Detroit Pistons and Sherron Collins of the Charlotte Bobcats are examples. And that doesn’t even include superstar Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, a shooting guard who occasionally plays point.

Marshall could be the next in line. A silky smooth 6-footer and an excellent student to boot, Marshall has starred at Brooks College Prep in Chicago’s South Side, and has signed a letter of intent with the University of Wisconsin.

Marshall has been involved with a couple of NBA youth programs over the years. He was on the 2004 Junior NBA National All-Star team as a sixth grader, and joined the iHoops First Team when he reached high school.

He sat down with to share his experiences in basketball to this point.

What was the recruiting process like for you?
Coming into high school, there were a lot of schools recruiting me and it was really fun at first. Seeing all these schools on TV when I was younger, and now they’re recruiting me. After a while, I got used to it and I just focused on the schools I liked and wanted to be with and I eventually committed to Wisconsin.

Why did you choose Wisconsin?
I had been to a few games, and watched their games on TV. I built a good relationship with the coaching staff. It was one of the best schools academically. I saw that when it was time for me to get there, I would get to play. I thought the style of play fit my game. Overall, I thought it would be a good fit.

How did the iHoops First Team program help you with the recruiting process?
It’s a great program. It really educated me about a lot of things in the recruiting process and a lot of rules in the recruiting process. It helped me think of different questions I should be asking. It’s a good mentoring program for me.

Guys like Derrick Rose and Will Bynum have come out of Chicago and made their mark as point guards. How do you feel about being mentioned in the same breath as them?
Will Bynum was one of my favorites to watch. I’ve been watching him since I was little. Me and Derrick Rose actually played for the same (youth basketball) program, and we went to the same elementary school. I’m real familiar with both of those guys and went up against them and watched both of them over the years. Those are two guys I definitely looked up to, and I tried to put a little bit of their game into mine over the years.

You played on the Jr. NBA National All-Star Team when you were in sixth grade. What was that experience like?
I was playing in the Jr. NBA local league in Chicago, and I was nominated to be on the national team. I didn’t know how big it was. I had to go to a workout, they looked at grades, test scores, things like that. In the end I made the final cut for the five guys that made the Jr. NBA National Team.

The NBA All-Star Game that year was in Los Angeles, and that’s where the Jr. NBA All-Star Game was, too. I got a chance to meet a lot of NBA players. It was a cool experience.

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