Game Time, Baby

<h3><i>Game Time, Baby... C'mon Now!</i></h3><p>What first comes to your mind when you hear the phrase above? Yep, to us it means it's time to go to work! And just like you've prepared yourself so many times before to step out of that locker room and do battle on that 94' x 50' floor, now it's time to come out of your school locker and do battle in the classroom. That's right... "IT'S GAME TIME BABY... C'MON NOW!" SCHOOL is back in session!</p><p>Summer is officially over and the school year has started. That means only one thing, "It's Game Time Baby, C'mon now!" It's not the game we know you guys love to play and have spent all summer long perfecting; we're talking about the other game...SCHOOL! Some of you are just starting your high school careers, some of you have been around a time or two and some of you are taking that last lap around the track (seniors!). No matter how you put it, the most important 'game' you will play in October is the SCHOOL game... and it's a serious game that you don't want to lose!</p> <p>There are wins and losses in school too! You get wins ("A's"; "B's" and "C's")... and sometimes you get losses ("D's" and "F's" and even "I's"). Let no one fool you... a WIN is a win... and a LOSS is a loss! We want more "W's" than "L's"! And just for the record, here's a little secret that will help you out tremendously this year. Straight up from First Team to you... GET OFF FIRST and HARD! "You" jump out to a big lead first. You press the issue... FULL-COURT (no half court traps here, "Err-body" MAN UP!) for 32-minutes, 180-Days! Please don't start this quarter of your young life down 20-points. We want to be up 20 at the end of the 1st quarter, or at least up 15 by half-time (Holiday Break). </p><p>On the back page, we are dropping you off some simple, A-B-C, 1-2-3 First Team tips to help make this school year the best one yet! Check 'em out... they just might help you build that 20-point lead!</p><p>1. <b>"Get Up & Get out of the Bed!"</b> (Said by Coach John Thompson from this Summer Conference) Remember: "If you hoot with the owls at night, you can't soar with the eagles at dawn!"</p><p>2. <b>Be early and be present!</b> Man... Show Up! ("If you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; if you're late, you miss out!")</p><p>3. <b>Meet each teacher "personally" and find out their expectations.</b> Discuss your goals with the teacher for each class.</p><p>4. <b>Review your day, "every day" and Do your homework!</b></p><p>5. <b>If you need help, ASK FOR IT!</b> Don't wait until it's too late! Find a "smart" friend to study with, talk with, and to discuss your class assignments with.</p><p>6. <b>Eat right, sleep tight!</b> (You MUST get some nourishment in the body for it to perform and you have to give the body a chance to recover. Going to bed at 1:00 a.m. or later every night just won't cut it. We know that, you know that! Sooner or later... It will catch up with you and show!)</p><p>7. <b>Be disciplined.</b> No one should have to make you give your best!</p><p>8. <b>Life is easier when you have a PLAN!</b> Put it in place, and then stick to it! Remember: "Fail to plan 鈥?You plan to Fail!" Make a visible schedule/chart that has all of your important activities on it (i.e., Study time at home each day; practice time for your chosen sport; Free Time-must set a limit; and Sleep time-where you should have a drop-dead-time when you shut it down for the night!)</p><p>9. <b>"Promiscuous Girl... You're teasing me... "</b> (Nelly Furtado & Timbaland) - Hey, you gotta leave them girls alone and stay focused man. You gotta keep your mind on your money and your money should be on doing your school work, getting good grades, and doing your thing on the court!</p>

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