Elevate Your Game With Help From the NBA All-Stars

As the NBA's greatest players head to Orlando for the 2012 All-Star Game, it's worth asking: What exactly can you learn from these guys?

The answer: A lot. Whether it's dribbling drills, strength and conditioning, or just some perspective on what drives them to be great, NBA All-Stars are great basketball role models because they've put in the work to get to the place you're shooting for.

iHoops has taken all of its articles and videos featuring this year's NBA All-Stars and compiled them here. Browse through them for tips on playing defense like Kobe Bryant, shooting like Dirk Nowitzki, training like Kevin Durant or sacrificing like Chris Paul.

Watch these All-Stars in action at 6 p.m. EST on February 26 on TNT. And see if the tips they've provided here are paying off on one of basketball's biggest stages.


  • The Man Who Doesn't Miss Shots: Former NBA assistant Dave Hopla shares his secrets, and includes an insightful anecdote about his run-in with All-Star Dirk Nowitzki


  • Video: Fundamentals of Passing: All-Stars Steve Nash and Deron Williams go through different examples and explain their philosophies for making strong passes.


  • Kobe's 3 Tips for Defensive Slides: All-Star Kobe Bryant taught the fundamentals of defensive slides to young players at a clinic. His tips are easy to understand and helpful.




Strength and Conditioning

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