Duke's Diary: Teenage Love

We've all had a teenage crush on someone at one time or another. It was this girl who looked beautiful and you couldn't take your mind off her. You even found out that you both had a lot in common. You hung out and enjoyed each other's company, and then before you knew it, you were in love. You found your teenage sweetheart.

I know what you're thinking, "Here goes Duke about to talk about those skirts and falling in love again..." WRONG! That would be a good topic for another time, but this time, I'm going into my think tank back a few years ago when I was a teenager. Man, I was having fun, just doing what teenagers do. I often look back and from time to time I wonder: did I really cherish every moment of it? Did I really take advantage of those years? Did I try to grow up too fast? Truth be told, I think a lot of us think about that, but then again, do we really?

Back in the day, times were fun and it seemed as if I didn't have a care in the world. I almost felt invincible. Nothing could stop me. My friends and I were riding our bikes every day, all over the city, just talking and having fun. There would be many days that we would go to the local Boys Club in the morning just to go swimming and we would end up having fun there all day. We swam so much that my friends and I ended up on the swimming team. We never imagined being on the swim team. Diving wasn't my thing, but your boy made it work though.

I played basketball every day at any court in the neighborhood that would let us on. Many days I played in Grandma's backyard, trying to keep the ball from going into Grandpa's garden (that might be why I didn't make it to the league...I was chasing the ball too much instead of putting it through the hoop). Man, when I was young I was plenty dumb, but I was having fun.

I remember one day, all of the older guys in our neighborhood decided they were going to take over everything that we younger fellahs were doing. I believed we called it "Sharks and Minnows." So all in fun, they began to take our bikes, basketballs and anything else we had if we crossed their path. Oh boy, if you got caught, you had a price to pay. We had to sneak in to get our captured friends back before they caught the rest of us. It was fun, spending all day running around, plotting and planning how to rescue your homeboy without getting captured yourself. I remember one particular instance after I had been captured. I got away, but only after they had taken my bike. Somehow, some way, I was freed. I went home to get my mother's bike so I had some wheels to handle some things. Well, I didn't know that one of the "sharks" was hiding right around the corner of my house. I walked out; he grabbed me, tied me to the gate of my backyard by my shoelaces and took my mom's bike. He tied them so tight; I had to yell for my mother. She eventually had to cut my laces. Now I was dealing with a bigger shark...Moms! It was all good though. She laughed and made me buy my own new shoe laces.

Fellas, there were plenty of days I just had fun. I wasn't worried about growing up too fast, what AAU team to be playing on or where I was going this weekend. I just enjoyed being a kid for the moment. Sit back a minute and think about your time now. Are you enjoying it, or has it become too serious? Do you even feel like a kid? If you're puzzled by my questions then you already have your answer. I just loved being a teenager, going to the movies, and getting some Luca's Pizza at the mall.

At the end of the day, girls weren't number one on my list as a teenager. Teenage love wasn't my inspiration. Man, I was in love with having fun. I was living for the day, the moment and the exciting times -- fun with my friends all day long. That was the bomb. When the fun ended, I had fun sleeping and dreaming about what we were going to do the next day. It was like heading straight to the fun shop. I didn't take life too seriously nor was I ready to be an adult anytime too soon, because in case you haven't noticed, all of that comes soon enough.

So sit back with your favorite beverage and think about your time right now as a teenager. Are you making the most of it? Everyone knows that you only live once and time is precious, limited and it certainly waits on no man...I can testify to that! Be in love with being a teenager and kick it when you can because before you know it, 20-years old will be here and your "teenage love" will be history. You will never get that back. Enjoy your life!

From my life to you...until the diary is unlocked again...see ya! One.

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