Basketball Strength Training 101: Tips for Beginners

If you have big dreams for your basketball career, it's just as important to fine-tune your body as it is your jump shot.

Some of the top strength coaches in basketball, like Alan Stein, insist that basketball players as young as 8 can do some training to build strength, even if it's simple exercises that don't include weights. Once players get closer to their teenage years, weight lifting can slowly be included.

Are you interested in learning more about basketball strength training? Let this be an introductory course on the benefits of strength training, plus a quick rundown of different exercises you can do to build your strength. You won't look like a beast overnight, but starting a safe and effective training program will be the first step in building a physical advantage over your opponents. Oftentimes, it's just as important as an advantage in dribbling, shooting or rebounding.

Basketball Strength Training Tips and Drills

How Young Can Basketball Players Start Strength Training? -- Coach Alan Stein offers a blueprint for young basketball players looking to build their strength.

Basketball Strength Training for Newbies -- This article gives examples of exercises basketball players new to strength training can do to establish a base.

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Perfecting the Chest Press -- Whether you're on a bench or an exercise ball, here's how to do the chest press exercise the right way.

The Technique of Tricep Extensions -- Azzi shows the picture-perfect way to do tricep extensions, which will maximize the effectiveness of the lift.

Bicep Curls 101 -- Here's what you need to keep in mind to do bicep curls properly, courtesy of WNBA Fit.

Shoulder Raises -- WNBA Fit shows the keys to the shoulder raise lift using dumbbells.

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