Basketball Animations to Improve Your Game

It's one thing to be told how good basketball is played. It's another to see exactly how it unfolds, step by step.

Thanks to Immersion Media, great basketball drills, tips, strategies and plays can now be learned visually--right here on iHoops.

Whether you're needing a breakdown of the pick-and-roll, a dissection of the 2-3 zone or just a great inbounds play that can lead to easy points, check out these animations to get a comprehensive look at how basketball is played by the best.

Also, check to see if your favorite animation has a .pdf file that you can print and take with you to practice! Look for the "Print" button at the bottom right of each animation to access the .pdf version of the animation.

Offensive Scenarios

Defensive Scenarios

Rebounding Scenarios

Passing Scenarios

Fast Break Scenarios

The Classic Plays

  • The Pick-and-Roll: A play used every night in the NBA because it's so hard to defend. See for yourself why it's a favorite for basketball teams.
  • The Give-and-Go: Catch defenders napping at all levels with this simply executed play.
  • The Back Door: Executed properly, the back door is one of the easiest ways to get an easy layup.
  • The Drive-and-Kick 3-Pointer: Used effectively, the drive-and-kick gives your team plenty of open looks from 3-point range.

Shooting Tips

Ball Handling Tips

  • The Crossover Dribble: One of the most effective ways to create space between you and the defender. Here are tips for developing a super crossover.
  • Passing on the Move: Uptempoed offense usually make passes on the move. Here's the best way to do it.
  • The Speed Dribble: Work on moving fast while dribbling the rock with this easy drill.

Passing Tips

Defensive Strategy

  • Man-to-Man Defense: The most popular type of defense in basketball. Here are seven tips for being a lockdown man defender.
  • The 2-3 Zone: The staple of perennial college basketball power Syracuse, find out how to make this zone defense tough for any team to take on.
  • The 1-2-1-1 Full-Court Press: Turn up the heat on your opponent and force turnovers strategically with this breakdown.

Offensive Strategy

  • Motion Offense: This flexible offense is very productive with practice. Learn the keys to executing this offense perfectly.
  • Flex Offense: This offense relies heavily on passing, screening and discipline to get good looks inside.
  • Zone Offense: Attack a zone defense the right way by forcing defenders to collapse. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to do that.

End-of-Quarter Plays

  • End-of-Quarter Play No. 1: Need one last bucket? This play uses double screens to get open looks for your best shooters.
  • End-of-Quarter Play No. 2: This quick play sets up a short jumper for a post player, with a three-pointer as the backup plan.
  • End-of-Quarter Play No. 3: With the seconds winding down, this play gives the point guard two passing options for a good look from three-point land.

Out-of-Bounds Plays

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