Are You Looking for a Great Coach for Your Little Hoop Star?

Let's face it, the basketball experience for both parents and children can sometimes turn out to be as good (or as not so good) as the homework we as parents do to find a good coach.

Is your child's coach obsessed with winning? If so, your child's and other players' growth opportunities are stifled. Some indicators of overly competitive coaches are: too much yelling in practice, playing the best players only and not allowing other players to learn and grow, and providing only negative reinforcement.

Other questions that you should ask yourself and your child include the following: Does the coach teach the fundamentals of the game? Has your child improved over the season? Does your child feel involved during practice? Does the coach encourage a team atmosphere of support and a positive learning environment? Are practices planned, well thought-out, and vary from week to week? Are the players conditioned?

Hopefully you and your child will have an excellent coaching experience as most coaches on the amateur level do it for the love of the game and the desire to teach. These coaches can be extremely helpful and mentors to your child for a lifetime. However, don't shy away from your own contribution to your child's basketball skills development. After all, there is no better way to catch up with your child than a great discussion over shooting drills with a rebounder!

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