4 Tips for Developing a Go-To Shot

Many top pro players have a signature shot. Players on all levels can benefit from having that one shot that they can always depend on more than anything else to score a basket.

Your signature shot can be determined by your current ability, and how your ability fits into your coach's offense. Ask your coach to take the 10-shot test. Get someone to rebound and someone to pass the basketball to you. Choose a spot and decide if you're going to catch and shoot, or shoot off the dribble, because all 10 shots must be the same spot and same way. If you can make six out of 10 shots and your coach agrees, this is a shot you should take during a game.

Plan B Pull-Up

Of course you must be prepared for defenders to try and stop your primary shot, so you will need to have a counter attack--but only one! Keep it safe and simple. Try a pull-up jump shot as a counter move to your primary shot. Players who usually try to score by driving to the basket can develop a pull-up jumper. Spot up shooters can shot fake, create space and pull-up.

Stick to What Works

During practice and even in warm-ups before games, youth and high school players often take random half-effort shots from everywhere on the court, usually missing most of them. Before your next game, warm-up by shooting only from where your coach wants you to shoot the basketball, and from where you will receive the basketball in the flow of your team's offense. Get more from your pregame warm-up shooting. Focus only on warming-up YOUR shot!

Your Best Shot

Whether you are a perimeter star or a role player, mastering a perimeter shot can make your career a success. Even post players like future Hall of Fame star Tim Duncan and role players like Udonis Haslem have a dependable non-post area signature shot.

Do you want to be a better player? Developing your own signature shot is your best shot (chance) to become a great player! Pick a shot. Master it. Use it. Win with it. It's that simple!

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