3 Steps to Perfect Preseason Preparation

Summer is over. Now what?

Preseason conditioning is about to begin and the first day of practice is right around the corner! Here are three simple things we do with pro players who have trained at 1on1 Basketball Academy that will get you get ready for fall preseason conditioning and the first day of basketball practice.

Prepare to Prepare

Build an aerobic endurance base by jogging slowly for as long as you can without stopping. Adding 2 minutes a day until you are going 60 minutes is ideal. Jogging on a soft surface like a running track, turf field or dirt is best.

Get stronger by holding actual basketball positions. Get into proper shooting, defensive and rebounding positioning and then get even lower. Hold the position for 20 seconds, or as long as you can. You only need to do 10 reps, but add 10 seconds every day. Using a basketball for shooting and rebounding helps make this even more beneficial.

Become more flexible by adding a long and relaxing session of stretching AFTER training. This should always be how you finish your workout session. Try some of the yoga poses that many NBA players are now using.

Turn Weakness Into Strength

Be honest: what's your biggest weakness? Have you improved since last season by playing in tournaments and summer leagues? In my opinion, no player has ever become a better left-handed dribbler or shooter from just playing the summer tournament circuit.

You must do skill-set training in addition to playing games. This is your last chance to put in the time to get ready to show your coach how much you have improved. When 1on1 Basketball Academy coaches provide off-season training to college or pro players, they don't just practice what they are good at doing, they work to add another dimension to their game. If you are a good spot-up shooter, then practice attacking the basket. If you can drive by defenders, add a mid-range pull-up jumper.

Shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more! Being a good shooter can change your life. Shooters make the team, become stars and move up to the next level. Pick one shot within your role of your team's offense and master it. Intense high speed shooting is the perfect combination of conditioning and skill work.

Next Season is Now

Use these last few weeks to practice, yes practice, listening and following directions.

Prepare your ego to focus on doing the basic things coaches want from every player on the team, but especially what your coach wants YOU to do.

As an assistant coach for several NCAA Division I teams, I was responsible for creating and implementing the preseason conditioning program. Many players quickly realized that they should have already been in better physical and mental shape on day one in order to endure my workouts that were designed to get them shape for the 1st day of practice.

Use these techniques to prepare for your preseason! Whether you are your team's best player, or just trying out for the first time, you prepare like the pros. Next season is NOW!

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