3-Point Shootout

This is a fun, competitive game for two or more people.

It will help you work on your 3-point shooting form, getting shots off quickly, and following your shot and getting rebounds. It will also help your endurance since you will be constantly running and shooting without a lot of time to catch your breath between shots.

Players line up behind the arc at opposite ends of the floor. You can pick your favorite spot to shoot 3's (baseline, top of the key etc.) and shoot from there for the whole game or you can move around and shoot from various spots.

The History of the 3-Pointer

The players count to three and shoot their first shot simultaneously.

Players must run to get their own rebounds.

If your ball bounces into the opposing players court you are not allowed to bump the ball or distract your opponent from getting the rebound.

Every time you hit a shot call it out so that your opponent can hear you. Each shot is worth one point even though you're shooting 3-pointers.

Your Guide to the 3-Pointer

The first player to accumulate 10 points wins the game.

Because you're getting your own rebounds you may be doing a lot of running so this game is great to work on getting your legs into your shot when you start to get winded.

3 Ways to Make More 3-Point Shots

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