Parent's Guide to Fun Team Travel

If you need to find a Wi-Fi location on the road, check out where you can search by state to find a place near your tourney site. As for a diary, why not start a family blog before you leave. If you're reading this, it's likely you already have an Active account and you can start your blog right away.

If you need to create an Active account, you can do so at After you have logged into your account, you can create your own travel/vacation blog here. Check out the one I started last year that led up to the Little League World Series called Behind the Plate. An Active blog is a great way to have the whole family involved in your vacation or tournament and will become a great keepsake of your travels.

Fun Team Travel Tip No. 4: Eat Right

Something to think about while you're at your tournament is how to eat healthy, both for you and your kid. This is particularly important if there are multiple games on the same day.

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Now we've all paid a visit to the local concession stand at the park. At most concession stands the servings of nachos, hot dogs, candy and ice cream are typically high in fat. Bring along a snack for between games that includes a healthy mix of protein and complex carbohydrates. (Tip: Check the fiber content of the snack; if it's more than 2g of dietary fiber you should be good to go.)

If the games are on early Saturday or Sunday, it would be better to have a meal of spaghetti or some pizza the night before. This is even more important if your player typically skips breakfast. Toast or a bagel and some juice can be a great way to fuel up before a game.

Most hotels serve some type of breakfast that's light and that kids will eat. If your kid must go to the concession stand, pretzels and popcorn are also good snacks. Save the hot dogs, wings, burgers and fries for the trip home.

Fun Team Travel Tip No. 5: It's Just a Game

Lastly, enjoy this time with your family. Let the players play their game, let the coaches do the coaching and let the umpires make the calls. While baseball and softball tournaments can be competitive--and of course you want to win--it's also supposed to be about fun.

As an umpire, I do have fun. I enjoy being behind the catcher and being a part of the game. Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose; it's what the game is all about. But either way, it's up to you parents just to make sure your child and you, just enjoy the time spent together.

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