Lateral Pick-up


1. To improve the players overall conditioning.

2. To improve the player's ability to move laterally and to assume a good defensive position in fielding a ground ball.

Procedure: The drill has one tosser and one player, who are 6-7 feet apart facing each other. (Pairs) Drill can have as many groups as desired.

The tosser rolls a ball about 5-6 feet out to the side. The player moves on a semicircular path to field the ball. After picking-up the ball, the player throws the ball back to the tosser. The tosser then rolls a ball about 5-6 feet out to the opposite side, and the player fields the ball in a similar manner. The drill sequence is repeated from five to 10 times depending on the player's conditioning level.

The number of repetitions is increased as the the players conditioning level improves. It is important for the player to field the ball by moving on a semicircular path in order for the drill to be effective.

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