Hula Hoop Bunting

In order to develop proper bunting skills, coaches should teach the fundamentals of bat control. To begin, take three hula hoops and place them in front of home plate in three different bunting areas (first base line, directly in front of home plate, and third base line). Assign each of the areas a number, and instruct the kids to aim at a respective hula hoop while practicing their bunting (if possible, use three different colored hoops).

Run the drill by throwing an equal number of batting practice pitches to each bunter, with a consistent number of attempts at each hoop. For example, you could throw each player twelve pitches, and have them bunt four pitches at each hoop respectively. Keep track of how many bunts actually stop in the hula hoop, and total that number for each player. You can run a competition with the winner being the player who successfully bunts the most pitches into the correct hula hoop.

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