How to Improve a Pitcher's Control

No matter how hard a pitcher throws, if they can't find the plate they won't be effective. Here is a unique drill from the Active baseball community perfect for improving your hurlers' control and accuracy.

How the Tarp Drill Works

Tie a large piece of tarp on a section of the backstop. Place a target on the tarp(outline a strike zone) in paint or tape.

Place a home plate in front of the strike zone. From two-thirds or regulation distance, a pitcher throws pitches at the strike zone on the tarp.

After throwing 20 balls, they collect the balls and start over. Have the pitchers deliver half of the pitches form the stretch.

Drill Variations

As your pitchers' control improves, divide the strike zone into sections and challenge them to deliver their pitches to the different sections. Pitchers can also work on their pick-off moves into the tarp.

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