Fundamentals of the Shot Put

Shot Put

How to use the glide technique Righties, Start in a position where your lft shoulder is facing in the direction you wish to throw and your chest is facing perpendicular to that direction. Flex right leg and this will lower upper body close to horizontal. You are lowering yourself at the hips and shoulders. Left leg is kicked backward and foot rotates to center of ring. Simultaneously, the right leg drives you toward the center of the ring. Upper body stays in a lowered position. At end of glide, pull your right leg under your body and place left foot in position at the fron of the circle. At end of glide, your upper body should still be inclined toward rear of ring. Use your legs to drive you and obtain power. Hips rotate in direction you wish to throw and there is a forward and upward surge of chest. Then powerfully extend the throwing arm and fingers should push the shot away. Do not let the shot slip to the palm of your hand. After put, extend the hand in a follow through motion keeping it above your head.

How to use the rotary technique

Start with your back facing the direction you wish to throw. You are facing away from your target. In this action, a right handed thrower winds up his shoulders to the right before spinning around to the left to throw. When rotating to the left, pivot on the balls of your feet, similar to a discuss throw. Continue to pivot and rotate to the center of the ring with back in direction you want to throw. Then finish the rotation by bringing the hips around, stepping forward with the left foot and pushing off with the right. Extend your throwing arm through the throw and put with your finger tips. Finish with arm held above head in direction of throw.

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