"Football" Drill for Infielders and Outfielders

This is a fun drill for young players to help them sharpen their ability to catch fly balls and reinforce the importance of cut-off fundamentals.

Setting Up the Drill

I will usually end a practice with a game of "Football". I split the players into two teams and line them up about 10 feet apart with myself in the middle, and a coach (or parent) on the outside of each line.

I will have each line alternate having a player back-peddle about 25-30 feet, where I will then throw a pop up to either side of the player. If they catch the ball, they get two points.

How the Drill Works

As soon as they catch the ball, the have to set themselves and make a perfect throw to the coach on their side. If the throw is good, they get an additional point. I will run them through this three times each, alternating the lines.

Then I will have them run back on an angle (instead of back-peddling), and throw the ball to either side of them, forcing them to adjust. The same point system is used.

The players have fun with this drill, and it helps them get used to judging fly balls, and making good throws to the cut-off man.

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