Catching Drill for Defending the Steal

To keep runners from advancing bases and create less runs for the opposing team, it's extremely important that your catcher keeps the baseball in front of him.

We do this drill quite often at Santa Clara University to help create proper technique on balls in the dirt that are to the catcher's left and right. 

I highly recommend you use to keep your catchers sharp behind the plate--and ready to deal with your opponent's running game.

How the Drill Works

Have a bucket of baseballs on home plate. The catcher starts from the outermost edge of the grass and dirt circle around home plate. The coach will toss baseballs at the catcher that simulate a ball in dirt to be blocked by the catcher.

Practice this drill in a circle around the home plate area. Start the catcher moving in a clockwise direction and continue the drill until the catcher blocks as many balls as possible, then returns to where he started.

Next, the catcher should perform the same drill in a counterclockwise direction.

What to Focus On

The goal for the catcher is to keep every blocked baseball within the circle. This drill is designed to be done rapidly, and will give the catcher instant feedback on whether or not he's getting around the baseball and keeping it in front of him.

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