Avoiding Youth Baseball Shoulder Injuries

Sadly, youth shoulder-related injuries (and surgeries) have increased three-fold over the last decade. This number is certainly alarming and a cause for concern.

However, it is quite easy to avoid such injuries IF you know what to look for and what preventative measures to take.

Baseball Pitching Abuse

Today, youth pitchers throw three to four times as many pitcher per season than they did a decade ago. When I played Little League we played 16 games and maybe a few for All-Stars. Now, a youth ballplayer can easily play over 100 games a year. Simple math tells you there is a greater chance for injury if you do not take the correct measures (which I will explain below).

Incorrect Throwing Mechanics

Simply put, if a pitcher is throwing in a manner that places a large amount of stress on their arm and doing it over and over, an arm injury is going to happen. Period. Remember, arm injuries rarely are acute. They are a product of abuse over time.

Baseball Pitching Injury Prevention Exercises

If a player is old enough to pitch, he or she is old enough to perform simple exercises that only take 5-7 minutes a few times a week. These exercises will not stunt their growth or cause any harm. They will balance out the body and help prevent injuries.

Please don't overlook this message. You may think it could never happen to your child, but as I see it arm injuries are here to stay. The sad thing is they are so easily preventable.

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Jon Doyle is a former NCAA All-American baseball player who now works as a strength and conditioning specialist. For more tips check out baseballtrainingsecrets.com.

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