5 Keys to the Perfect Practice

Practice is a key ingredient for any successful team. But not just any practice, but productive practices with everyone on the team working hard and concentrating on doing things correctly. Remember, practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Further, it has been shown that for every time you do something wrong you have to do it right seventeen (17) times to get your brain oriented to doing it right.

Five Guidelines for Players to Follow

1. Be at the field, mentally and physically ready to practice, at the scheduled start time. There will be a small time slot to stretch, jog and warm-up, so you should do whatever extra personal stretching or warming up you need prior to the beginning of the team practice.

Keep in mind...

  • If you're early, you're on time
  • If you're on time, you're late
  • If you're late, you're probably running
  • Great athletes come early and leave late

2. Wear your sliding gear at every practice. Get used to the idea that whenever you run the bases, you slide, even in practice. This makes you a better slider and makes our defensive players better.

3. Dress warmly, or bring plenty of warm clothes. It can, and frequently does, get cold during practice. Make sure you have the proper clothes and do not get cold.

4. Always hustle. One thing we will work towards is this: if a ball rolls to a stop on the field because no one hustled after it, then everyone should expect to participate in some sort of physical activity.

5. Please let coach know in advance if you will miss a practice.

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