3 Steps to the Perfect Double-Play Throw

"Make sure of one." How many times have you heard that?

Some coaches don't emphasize the double play, instead telling their squad to go for the safe, single out. But this philosophy can lead to lost opportunities and timid play on the diamond.

Here's a simple breakdown of a properly executed double play that will make your team aggressive, fundamentally sound and much more difficult to beat.

Throw it Where They Want It

It's vital that the p ivot man get to the bag early, and the first throw to that player is the most important. Try to make the throw where the 2B wants it.

The 2B should only have to change the direction of the ball, not catch it. He should receive the ball on the glove side of his body, so that his momentum carries him to 1B.

Timing is Everything

You should time how long it takes for the 2B to make his turn and throw to 1B. Time from the moment the ball hits his glove to the time the ball hits the 1B's glove. A good throw will take .4 seconds off the pivot man's turn.

All Roads Lead to First Base

After the pivot, the 2B should point his toe to 1B to open his hips to be able to throw in that direction. For the SS, the ball should be thrown to the outfield side of the bag. From here the SS should sweep the bag; his momentum will be towards first.

Follow these simple steps and you'll find your team is more effective at turning this vital defensive play.

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