The Art of the Perfect Spike

Though every player loves to spike, not every athlete knows how to do it correctly. Here's a simple step-by-step breakdown  to help your squad excel at this important part of the game.

Moving to the Net

The approach for the spike is the same as in jump serving. Footwork for right-handed hitters is: right-left, right-left and jump off both feet making sure to swing the arms up high.

Starting the Swing

Pull the hitting arm back with the elbow or shoulder, and keep hand at shoulder height or higher.  The hand should be open and relaxed, with the palm facing away from the ear.

The elbow should swing forward and raise above the head. Then the arm and hand swing over the top as the heel of the hand contacts the ball.

This is followed by the palm and fingers, which then snap through the ball. The palm and fingers should follow through to get--on top--of the ball.

Making Contact

Contact point is slightly in front of and as high as possible above the hitting shoulder.  Make sure to contact the ball as high as possible.

Do not hit the net during any part of this attack or you will be called for a net violation. It is important to jump as vertical as possible to execute a fundamentally-sound spike.

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