Serving Drill: Three in a Row

This drill is for serving consistency. The server is given a total of 15 balls with which to accumulate 'big points'--which are achieved by serving three balls in a row. With all 15 balls the server has a chance to get five big points by getting three in a row over the net and in bounds five times.

If they do not get three in a row they do not get a point. The object is to use all 15 balls to see how many big points the server can get.

Tips to Increase Difficulty:

  • Have the server be required to serve the ball in a specific area three times in a row.
  • Require the server to get three serves in a row in at least three out of the five possible tries during all 15 attempts.
  • Make the server serve from different areas of the baseline.

Tip to Decrease Difficulty:

  • Change the amount from three in a row to two in a row.

Keys to Emphasize:

  • The toss.
  • Make solid contact.
  • Employ a strong arm swing.
  • Develop mental toughness by getting three in a row.


  • 5 big points out of 15 serves (15 in a row).
    • Awesome 10 pts.
  • 3 big points out of 15 serves.
    • Good 5 pts.
  • 1 big point out of 15 serves (Three in a row achieved only once)
    • Poor 0 pts.

This tip was provided by Coach Bonnie Kenny of the University of Delaware.

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