How to Run Effective Volleyball Practices

If you're on a volleyball team, chances are you're practicing a lot. But what is the quality of your practices?

You see, there are two ways to practice: active and passive. Here are some tips to make sure your practices are energetic and successful.

No Pain, No Gain

First, let's start with what you shouldn't do; that means running a passive practice.

Passive practice means that you arrive just in time (or worse), and you simply do the things the coach tells you to do, with no particular energy, with no particular objectives.

As you can imagine, this kind of practice won't prepare you well for high achievement.

Taking Action

By contrast, active practice involves:

  • Getting to the gym early, with a determination to get better in at least one area.
  • Active practice means knowing your weaknesses, and doing your best to improve them.
  • Active practice means understanding what your coach is trying to accomplish, and helping him or her do it.

The more often you give an active practice, the better player you'll be. And the more players on your that team give an active practice, the stronger your team will be.

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