Hitter Coverage Drill

Digging a blocked ball is one of the most challenging parts of a volleyball match. Here's a scrimmage drill to help your hitters react to blocks and boost your squad's offensive flow.

Setting Up the Drill

This drill preferably requires 12 players, but can be done with less. Six on one side in serve receive positions, and two blockers in each of the three blocking zones on the other side.

How the Drill Works

The coach tosses a ball to the serve receive side who plays out the ball, with so many blockers chances are the ball will be blocked, making sure that the defensive players cover their hitters well.

If the blocked ball is picked up, lay it out. If the ball is blocked, the coach who is now standing behind the blocker who made the block, immediately tosses over another ball to be covered as though it has been blocked.


Do this 2-5 times in a row. Repeat a few times and switch front to back and make sure to mix players who have just been blocking.

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