9 Volleyball Stretches to Improve Your Game

Looking for a dynamic way to warm up your squad? Here are nine volleyball-specific stretches great for getting your team limber and ready to perform.

Before stretching it is always a good idea to go on a quick jog or do some type of exercise to get your blood flowing throughout your body. A couple laps around the court, stopping to do some sit-ups on one corner, then continuing on and repeating the process is a great way to get the heart pumping.

Five to ten minutes is a good amount of time to get your body loose for stretching.


Can be used for either arm. Point your right elbow straight up into the air with your right hand going behind your head.

With your left hand reach across and grab your right elbow and pull it to the left, behind your head. When you feel the triceps being stretched hold the position for 10 seconds.

Repeat as necessary until the muscle is loose. Stretch both arms.


Can be used for either arm. Take your right arm, straighten it out in front of you, and bring it as far to the left side of your body as you can.

Now, take your left hand, making a fist, and place your fist behind the elbow of your right arm. With your fist, pull the elbow towards your body.

Hold for 10 seconds-repeat as necessary until muscle is stretched. (2-3 times)


Can be used for either arm. Find any stationary object that is at least shoulder high to you (wall, pole, person, etc.).

Take your right hand and raise it shoulder high to the side of your body, with your palm facing out. Place your palm on the stationary object (shoulder high) and while holding your arm on the object try to turn your body ? of a turn to the left.

Do this SLOWLY, somewhere within the turn you will feel the shoulder stretch, at this point stop and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Repeat until shoulder is loose. (2-3 times)

Low Back Side

Sit down with both feet in front of you (like you're attempting to reach your toes). Take your right foot and place it directly to the outside of your left knee so that your right knee is now pointing straight up into the air.

Now take your torso and turn it to the right while placing your left elbow to the outside of your right knee. You may put your right arm on the ground by your waist to stabilize yourself.

Now you should feel tension in your lower back. To increase the tension turn further to your right and hold that position once you can feel the back stretching.

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat until lower back is loose. (2-3 times).

Low Back Arch

Lie on the ground as though you are about to do a push up-with your hands next to each shoulder. While looking into the sky, lift your upper body up by pushing with your arms while looking into the sky.

From the waist down, your body should be touching the ground. You should feel your lower back stretching.

To increase the tension slowly "walk" back with your arms attempting to have your upper body pointing straight up to the sky-if you cannot go that far it is alright-just go far enough that you can feel the tension and hold for 10 seconds.

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