4 Ways to Improve Your Volleyball Tipping

Tipping can often be overlooked when players work on their volleyball skills. Here are four ways athletes of all ages can maximize their tipping potential.

No.1: Aim for the Block

Soft tip into the block on purpose. Practice aiming the tip into the opposing blockers' wrists or upper forearms so the ball will bounce off high and back into your court if you get a trap set. Your teammates who are covering you will have a chance to replay the ball.

No.2: Tipping as a Recovery Tool

Save broken plays by having the courage to aim the ball for the block. Increase your skill at this play and you will learn a trick that elite players use to give themselves another opportunity to attack the ball.

No.3: How to do More With a Tip

Use the tip to use the block. Use the tip to score a point or sideout if you are an outside hitter who gets a set close to the net. Aim the ball at the block's outside or external arm and wipe the ball off the block's forearm.

No.4: Aim for the Block

Be the last player to touch the ball in a joust. When two players contact the ball at the same time over the net, the second one to touch the ball almost always wins. The second player has the advantage of going up and pushing over while the first player comes down, losing momentum on her way.

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