3 Volleyball Drills to Improve Your Performance

There's being in shape, and then there's being in "volleyball" shape. Here are three drills you can use at your next practice to highlight volleyball-specific actions and get your team strong, flexible and ready for their next match.

Straight-Line Jogs

Start jogging in a straight line and on the coach's signal, drop to the ground in a simulated starting position as if you were in the blocks.

Only stay in this position for a second and immediately spring out of it and start to sprint about 20 yards. After, resume a slow jog and repeat the drill on the coach's signal.

Don't worry too much about your form when you hit the ground and assume a starting position. That is not what is important here. However, make sure that the hands touch the ground at the same time on the signal.

Running Start Drill

Set up a 2-3 foot high box about four feet away from a soft landing mat. It should be soft and very cushiony to absorb you on impact.

Take a ten step running start and leap up onto the box and use it to elevate and jump. In the air, try to thrust the arms upward and then focus on landing with bent knees and upper body leaning forward. (This drill is to help you get better at your landings so your weight carries you forward, not backward.)

Arm Action Drill

In partner groups organized by size and weight, one person jumps upwards and the other partner grips the waist of the jumper and lifts upward. The second person grabs the waist from the rear and helps the jumper to lift off.

The jumper concentrates on his or her arm action which is forward, downward, backward and forward arm circle. The circling action begins the second the jumper elevates. The goal is to complete the arm action while in the air and really build up those arms on your squad.

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