3 Tips for Middle Hitters

The middle hitter in volleyball is vital to creating an effective offensive attack.

Here are three tips to ensure your team's middle hitter maximizes their talent and contributes to your squad's scoring chances.

What Setters Know

To begin, I must say that I have never been a middle hitter; I was raised a setter. However, as a setter I know what middles need (most of the time more than they do). Middles are much more effective in hitting quick attacks if they follow three simple guidelines.

Be Punctual

Be on time or early! If we are rushed to get the ball to an "on time" middle, we are able to get the ball to them a little more accurately because we can see them better.

Also, if we are running a combination off of you and you're late, the combo hitter might get tangled up by your feet! Our setters' eyes are looking up at the ball from the pass. If we can't see you because you are still on the ground, we can't deliver a very accurate ball to you.

Help the Setters

Right-handed middles can help their setters' accuracy if they jump and put their left hand in the exact place that they want their set. While your hitting arm is back and ready to begin your swing, your left hand should be almost in place of where you want your set.

Go Deep

Reach high and hit deep into the court. You will be much more successful than if you drop your arm and hit straight down (you'll probably get clamped too!).

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