Winter Triathlon 101

Q.4 Mountain Biking Conduct

a) The minimal tire dimension is 26x1.5 inches, (599-40) which means that the smallest part of the tire should not be less than 40mm.

b) Cleated and/or slick tires are allowed.

c) The bike segment of the Winter Triathlon Competitions is laid out as a cross-country course over snow and may follow in its part normal roads or paths.

d) Athletes are allowed to push or carry the bike over the course.

e) Drafting is allowed; it may be forbidden to pass other athletes before entering the Transition Area.

f) Lapped athletes will be not removed from the race.

g) Athletes must bring their own necessary tools and parts and must carry out repairs.

h) Bike shoes are mandatory in the MTB segment. This rule is not applicable for age-group athletes.

Q.5 Coaches Zone

a) In both the bike and ski segments coaches will have one space to feed their athletes in a designated zone.

Q.6 Skiing Conduct

a) Testing of equipment (skis) is allowed prior to the race on specially marked tracks, or on the race course if announced by the Technical Officials.

b) During the race, athletes cannot be accompanied by team members, team managers or other pacemakers on the course.

c) Athletes are allowed to change one ski and both poles.

d) Athletes may ski with any technique.

e) Certain zones may have restrictions to classical style or double poling.

f) Wearing the bike helmet during the ski segment is not allowed. Due to the effect of cold temperatures on mobility, wearing a helmet could be authorized by the TD (Technical Director).

g) Once a request to pass is made by an athlete, the athlete being passed must move to the side as soon as possible.

h) In the finish chute (30-50m), skiing freestyle may be forbidden. Double poling may be required. Prepared tracks must then be used.

i) Athletes cannot remove their skis until at least 10m past the finish line. The last ski check will take place after this line.

j) Ski shoes are mandatory in the cross country ski segment. This rule is not applicable for age-group athletes.

Q.7 Transition Area Conduct

a) Skiing inside the transition area is forbidden.

b) In the Transition Area, Technical Officials may assist athletes by receiving and placing their bikes and handing out their equipment. This service must be the same for all athletes.

Q.8 Finish Definition

a) An athlete will be judged as "finished," the moment the tip of the front ski boot crosses the finish line.


Gergley Markus, Director of Event and Managing Director of Major Games with the ITU, let me know that winter triathlon made an unsuccessful bid for the 2014 Olympic Games. They will try again when the process begins for application to the 2018 Games.

As the season progresses, stay tuned for more information on winter triathlon.

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