VIDEO: IRONMAN Champion Dave Scott Says Let It Rip

Often when the weather is bleak and unpleasant a natural tendency is to just stick with slow, easy training intensities. Just slog your way through the off-season with the intention of building an aerobic base.

You're missing out, says six-time IRONMAN World Champion Dave Scott.

"Even though it's snowing you have an opportunity to include what I call anaerobic endurance," Scott says. He advises doing one anaerobic endurance workout--for each discipline--every week.

A good session, Scott explains, compounds 9 to 12 minutes of hard work, but attending to this form of metabolic conditioning, he adds, will yield profound benefits when the racing season comes around.

"The discomfort is quite high," Scott admits. In his brief talk, published last winter while it was snowing outside of his office in Boulder, Colo., Scott talks about the specifics of what comprises a quality session.

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