The Top Aero Bike Helmets for 2019

You can save minutes on your bike split while also being safe with an aero helmet. Different helmets offer various levels of ventilation, fit and comfort features and options for optical shields.


Photo Courtesy of Rudy Project

Rudy Project Wing 57

$199-$399 (330g, claimed)

The Rudy Project Wing 57, our go-to race helmet, is adjustable and configurable with different lens and colorway options for each available size. Since Rudy Project is a USA Triathlon partner, gear is almost always on sale if you're a member, so you'll be able to find the helmet you need at a really reasonable price.


Photo Courtesy of Giro

Giro Aerohead MIPS

$250 (450g, claimed)

The Giro Aerohead MIPS is available in six colorways with a Roc-lock fit and retention system and an integrated and ventilated visor that wraps around the front and sides of the helmet. The ventilation in the Giro Aerohead MIPS claims to offer superior cooling to the time-trial-only version of this same helmet.


Photo Courtesy of Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau LG P-09

$175 (350g, claimed)

Dimples are aero, managing airflow, and the Louis Garneau LG P-09 has plenty of them. Another aero feature, which also doubles as a comfort feature, is retractable earflaps that provide quick and easy transitions to meet the needs of multisport athletes.


Photo Courtesy of Kask

Kask Mistral

$499 (340g, claimed)

Of note, the Kask Mistral offers a faux leather chinstrap—which we found comfortable on the previous version of this helmet—for convenience and comfort. The bobtail shape accommodates a variety of head positions while still offering aero benefits.


Photo Courtesy of Specialized

Specialized S-Works TT

$300 (419g, claimed)

The helmet choice of front-of-the-pack Kona pros Lucy Charles and Tim Don is the Specialized S-Works TT. This lid was designed to be way safe and way slick. With design input from McLaren—the same firm who designs Formula 1 race cars—this helmet will help you shave time off your bike split.


Photo Courtesy of Bontrager

Bontrager Ballista

$139-199 (260g, claimed)

An excellent option for both road time trials and triathlons, the versatile Bontrager Ballista offers ventilation, aerodynamics and versatility for training and racing without breaking the bank.


Photo Courtesy of Oakley

Oakley AR07


With the AR07, Oakley has jumped into the cycling and triathlon space. This sci-fi-looking helmet is available in medium and large sizes and comes with a Plutonite Prism lens, a clear lens and a molded carrying case.


Photo Courtesy of Lazer

Lazer Wasp Air Tri

$330 (375g, claimed)

The Lazer Wasp Air Tri offers a unique feature: a top-mounted access port into which the wearer can squirt water to help with cooling. The top and front cooling vents provide enhanced air flow while the visor can be adjusted mid-ride to provide additional ventilation.


Photo Courtesy of Bell

Bell Javelin

$200 (482g, claimed)

The Bell Javelin is a great value, with form-fitting ear flaps, ample ventilation and a removable optical shield. This helmet is a good choice for those who ride with a head up position.


Photo Courtesy of Scott Sports

Scott Split

$249 (420g, claimed)

With a very large rear ventilation port and internal channels to enhance cooling, the Scott Split has been the choice of Kona pros for racing in extreme conditions.

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