Stocking Stuffers for Triathletes


Swiftwick Limited Edition VISION Five Peaks


This winter-themed limited edition sock from Swiftwick is just as useful at home curled up next to the fire with a good book as it is on a long bike ride or run through less-than-ideal conditions. It's made with Merino wool (see a theme, here?) and high-performance fibers to keep your feet warm and dry with a bit of extra style. 

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Nathan Reflective Headband


Keep your triathlete safe and visible with this reflective headband from Nathan. It's made with midweight fleece so it's not too hot or too cold, and features 360-degree high-vis graphics that are not only reflective in low-light conditions, but look cool, too.

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2XU Run Cap 


We love when a product is simple but does its job flawlessly. The 2XU run cap does just that, with no frills or unnecessary bells and whistles. It features targeted ventilation panels to help regulate temperature, and an internal sweatband to keep sweat from dripping into your triathlete's eyes during especially hard efforts. 

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BODYARMOR Sports Drink


We won't mention the big-name brands here, but BODYARMOR is truly giving them a run for their money. Its formula includes natural flavors and sweeteners, as well as vitamins and potassium-packed electrolytes to prevent muscle cramping and boost hydration. BODYARMOR also includes coconut water, which is rare (and delicious) for mainstream sports drinks. 

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TYR Purifying Shampoo 


If you're tired of your triathlete coming home from a swim smelling like chlorine, this new shampoo from TYR is the solution you've been looking for. Designed to both clean and moisturize, it's formulated to help combat the effects of chlorine on hair by removing harsh chemicals, odor and salt. Have your triathlete keep a bottle in their swim bag to use in the locker room immediately after getting out of the water. 

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TriggerPoint CORE Roller


Foam rolling is one of the best ways to recover after a hard training session. The TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller features an exclusive GRID pattern that promotes the flow of blood and oxygen while rolling out tight, knotted muscles. It's softer than most other rollers, so if your triathlete is new to foam rolling or needs softer compression, look no further. Your triathlete will also appreciate its quality build and compact, travel-friendly design to take on the go. 

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Strava Summit Three-Pack 

$6 per month

There's no doubt your triathlete has heard of Strava, but help take their online experience to the next level by gifting a Summit package. It includes three different packs (training, safety & analysis) with features like live segments, filtered leaderboards and beacon. The Summit Three-Pack gives them all the tools and insights they'll need to reach their goal and train smarter. Keep in mind that if you purchase a year subscription, the price drops to only $5 a month. 

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Mike Reilly: Finding My Voice


If your triathlete is an IRONMAN (or aspiring IRONMAN), they're undoubtedly familiar with Mike Reilly. He's announced IRONMAN races all across the globe, popularizing the "You are an IRONMAN" tagline for decades. His latest book, "Finding My Voice," highlights some of the inspirational stories of perseverance he's come across during his tenure with the brand. 

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Digital Triathlete Magazine Subscription 

$29.95 (six issues)

The world's No. 1 triathlon magazine, Triathlete, has been a go-to outlet for triathletes of all ages and ability levels. It not only features top-ranked professional athletes, but it includes articles from top coaches and industry experts on anything from training and nutrition, to how to find that elusive work-life-training balance. This digital subscription includes six issues throughout the year, and includes plenty of inspiration to keep your triathlete engaged and motivated.

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