Stocking Stuffers for Triathletes



PRO Mini Tool


Quick fixes and roadside adjustments are made easy with PRO's compact Mini Tool with eight functions. This small chrome plated multi-tool features a Phillips #2 screwdriver along with a full range of hex keys including 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm options. It's light, compact and will fit in any saddle bag so your triathlete is prepared every time they hit the road. 

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PRO Discover Top Tube Bag


Designed to hold tools, snacks and more, the PRO Discover Top Tube Bag attaches to your triathlete's bike, just behind the stem. It includes thoughtful features like a fully waterproof construction with waterproof zipper, a cable exit for charging accessories while riding, two bolt and Velcro fixation options and a bungee cord to store quick access items. It also includes reflective elements to keep your triathlete safe and visible while out on the road. 

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Fairlife Core Power Elite Protein Shake


Post-workout recovery drinks need to toe the line between providing all the necessary macronutrients to boost recovery and performance, and simply tasting delicious. Core Power is a complete protein shake developed for post-workout recovery, helping your triathlete replenish essential amino acids lost during exercise. Core Power's Elite line is for those who opt for even more protein to support their post-workout recovery, with 42 grams of high quality, complete protein and available in chocolate, vanilla and its new strawberry flavor.

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Black Diamond Sprint 225 Headlamp


Setting up in the transition area often happens in the early morning before dawn, so help your triathlete get set up properly by giving them a bit of light with the Black Diamond Sprint 225 headlamp. This stormproof headlamp is Black Diamond's smallest and lightest rechargeable light, providing a powerful 225 lumens wrapped up in a pack-friendly compact design.

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Enso Classic Elements Silicone Ring


Letting your triathlete wear their wedding ring during a swim, bike ride or run isn't worth the risk of losing it. These rings by Enso are made in the U.S. out of precious metal-infused silicone that is flexible for ultra-comfort even with swollen fingers and hands. Plus, the breathable channels promote airflow to keep your triathlete's fingers dry and comfortable. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from, so why not match the ring to your triathlete's favorite kit?

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WEDŪ Suffer Tee


Founded by none other than Lance Armstrong, WEDŪ is a brand that's all about the ethos of forward momentum and challenging yourself. This shirt is especially appropriate for triathletes, and their description says it all: "For the provoked endurance athlete who wants to feel life through suffering." For the triathlete in your life that lives by the "hurts so good" mindset, this is the shirt for them. 

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Triathlon Pass


The world's No. 1 triathlon magazine, Triathlete has been a go-to outlet for multisport athletes of all ages and ability levels. It not only features top-ranked professional athletes, but it includes articles from top coaches and industry experts on anything from training and nutrition, to how to find that elusive work-life-training balance. This custom membership program includes the print magazine subscription, an ad-free experience on, exclusive member-only content and so much more. 

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The Stick Travel Stick


As portable as some foam rollers are, sometimes there just isn't room to pack one in a carry-on bag or fit one in the car. This travel stick solves the issue and is the ultimate recovery solution for triathletes who are always on the go. It's designed to treat muscle pain and trigger points, prevent and predict muscle injuries and disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity and accelerate muscle recovery. If these reasons don't convince you to let your triathlete give it a try, nothing will. 

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