Pearl Izumi Launches All-New Ambassador Program for Women's RIDE and TRI Teams 2016

Pearl Izumi, maker of ride, run and triathlon performance apparel that empowers athletes to perform better 365 days a year, has launched two national teams for cyclists and triathletes, the RIDE and TRI Champions. The new teams will help share Pearl Izumi's new brand platform, "Endure & Enjoy".

For 2016, Pearl Izumi is in search of a class of 200 women cyclists and 100 women triathletes across all abilities who are devoted to both the brand and celebrating the passion behind and the results of hard work --a core value that all athletes share. Pearl Izumi believes that the sport is a sanctuary for anyone and everyone who yearns to sweat, sacrifice and suffer their way to earned enjoyment.

"The 2015 inaugural Pearl Izumi Run Champions team was a huge success and highlighted the passion that exists within athletes who choose Pearl Izumi," said Andrew Hammond, Brand Manager at Pearl Izumi. "Women have always been an important part of Pearl and we want to support them in a meaningful way. We thought dedicating time and resources into building a strong and inspiring local network of riders would be the best way to encourage more women to ride, more often."

Champions for both teams will receive custom Pearl Izumi cycling kits, as well as a number of other special opportunities. Champions will be encouraged to participate in local group rides as well as organize women's rides in their communities. A Pearl Izumi national ride day will be organized in 2016 to celebrate women in the sports of cycling and triathlon.

As part of this new Endure & Enjoy brand platform, Pearl Izumi aims to unite athletes under The Pact, a written agreement for endurance athletes to sign in order to focus more on what's important and take back the sport from elitists.

The following is an excerpt from the Pact. If this sounds like you, then we suggest you apply within:

I will endure.

I will enjoy.

I shall only partake in this crazy sport I love, because I love it.

And I will quit when I quit loving it.

I am a representative of this sport.

As such, I will do my part to take the "ass" out of ambassador...(read more).

Pearl Izumi RIDE and TRI Champions will act as an ambassador army that will hit the pavement at a local level, supporting riders in their communities.

The applications for the 2016 Pearl Izumi Ride and Tri Champions teams are currently open and these applications will be accepted through Dec 18th, 2015.

Join the community on on social media using hashtags: #endureandenjoy #thepearlpact.

About Pearl Izumi

For over 60 years, Pearl Izumi has been evolving and revolutionizing the design and manufacture of performance apparel and footwear for athletes who depend on uncompromising gear. Pearl Izumi products empower runners, riders and triathletes to be faster, more comfortable and to perform better 365 days of the year. In 2014, Pearl Izumi rooted its new world headquarters in the Colorado Front Range where it embraces strong influence, both culturally and structurally, from its Japanese heritage.

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